[OSM-talk] OT: Illegal piracy (Was: BSD/CC-by/LGPL vs. SharedAlike - decide now and forever)

Petter Reinholdtsen pere at hungry.com
Wed Mar 22 09:07:44 GMT 2006

[Andy Robinson]
> I'm sure that nobody really believes that any licence stops people
> infringing the terms of those licences. Just look at software, DVD
> and music piracy. All are illegal but on the wide scale whole are
> not enforced.

Actually, a lot of the activity labeled piracy is perfectly legal in
most countries.  The film and movie industry has claimed that copying
a CD/DVD and sharing it with your friends are piracy, yet it is
perfectly (and in my view reasonably) legal here in Norway.  They also
claim that downloading music or movies is piracy, while it is also
legal here in Norway (uploading/publishing is illegal).  Some even
claim that making security copies of your CD and DVD is piracy. Piracy
is the label used by some industries to label everything they do not
like, no matter the legal status.  You are doing them a service if you
accept that all piracy is illegal. :)

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