Fwd: [OSM-talk] BSD/CC-by/LGPL vs. SharedAlike - decide now and forever

David Sheldon dave at earth.li
Wed Mar 22 09:58:31 GMT 2006

On Wed, Mar 22, 2006 at 12:22:47AM +0100, Immanuel Scholz wrote:
> Hi,
> > What aim do we have with our contributions to OSM or similar projects?
> The data contributed and collected can be freely accessed and modified,
> now and in the future.

If that is your only aim, then why are you throwing your toys out of the
pram about the idea of making the data more useful. The lack of virality
will not somehow lock up the data contributed and collected. Virality
will only reduce the number of users of the data that we have worked
on. We are all working hard on this project, and it would be a shame if
all we produce is a free version of multimap that is of minimal use.

The whole way the web is going at the moment is that mashups are the way
of the future. Web applications that cannot somehow be combined with
other web applications to make a more useful whole are going to fail.
This is why Google Maps is so popular, it is easy to integrate your data
with it. 

http://www.geoskating.com/gmap/osm-gmap.html is very cool, and just the
sort of thing I would want my data to be used for. However,  if you
are not careful people will interpret the OSM licence to mean that the
person implementing it is breaking the rules by not licencing all the
google maps data, and this will be shut down.

A viral licence would mean that you couldn't overlay postcode data on
the maps unless that postcode data was derived from Free the Postcode,
which would make it useless for most website uses. 

I want my data to be used to produce something useful, not something
political. If we produce something useful and people use it, then it
will become a political tool, but if nobody uses it because you are
being too political about it, then everyone loses out.

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