[OSM-talk] Re: Isle of Wight and PhotoMap

Tom Carden tom at tom-carden.co.uk
Fri Mar 24 15:46:19 GMT 2006

Oh, it looks like PhotoMap derives its locations from the current location
on a Google Map?  Unfortunately we've ruled out that approach at
OpenStreetMap because it leaves our dataset vulnerable to being accused of
copyright infringement.

On the Isle of Wight I'll certainly be encouraging people to geotag photos
on Flickr, but using GPS coordinates they've collected themselves. If your
extension can make use of that then great, otherwise sorry but it doesn't
tie in very well with OpenStreetMap at the moment :(



> Thanks Adam, I'll check it out.
> CCed to OpenStreetMap folks so that they can evaluate it too.
> Tom.
>> Tom,
>>    I saw your comment on the geobloggers site, and rather than spam
>> there, I thought I send you a note.
>> You might want to check out my firefox extension
>> (photomap.mozdev.org).  It would be cool if you team could add
>> pictures of the Isle of Wight to the map I'm trying to build.
>> Thanks,
>> Adam

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