[OSM-talk] Invisible waypoints

Andrew Findlay andrew at findlay.org
Sat Mar 25 13:31:27 GMT 2006

On Sat, Mar 25, 2006 at 12:23:29PM +0000, Nick Whitelegg wrote:

> What version of osmeditor are you using.... osmeditor or osmeditor2?  I 
> would advise against using plain osmeditor, it is now seriously out of 
> date and no longer supported. 

I am using the old one (osmeditor) as I could not make osmeditor2 read
GPX files at all! (I have the SVN code at revision 933 which appears
to be current, and am building on SuSE 9.1) osmeditor2 only seems to
want to read '.osm' files and I dont have any of those :-(

> I will be making a new version of osmeditor2 available (hopefully) this 
> evening. Unfortunately I can't seem to access the Subversion server at the 
> moment, so it'll be via a tarball on my own site. Try it and let me know 
> if you get stuck.

Will do, thanks.

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