[OSM-talk] Invisible waypoints

Nick Whitelegg Nick.Whitelegg at solent.ac.uk
Sat Mar 25 14:29:28 GMT 2006

>I am using the old one (osmeditor) as I could not make osmeditor2 read
>GPX files at all! (I have the SVN code at revision 933 which appears
>to be current, and am building on SuSE 9.1) osmeditor2 only seems to
>want to read '.osm' files and I dont have any of those :-(

Yes, sorry, osmeditor2 does not read GPX files yet. It will do, though I'm 
not sure about the immediate next version. In the meantime you can load in 
GPX files with osmeditor, then save them as .osm, then load into 
osmeditor2. Bit long winded I know, I am working on it, too few hours in 
the week and all that :-)


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