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I see OSM gets a mention.


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Please note that the latest issue of the Society of Cartographers Newsletter
is available for free download from the Society's website. It can be
accessed at:


This issue provides information on future conference events and meetings
with a cartographic flavour. It also contains a report on the BBC Shop Talk
programme broadcast in early January on BBC Radio 4 at which SoC Chair Steve
Chilton was a panel member. The programme featured a discussion about the
latest mapping technologies.

Also in this issue: up to date guidance on walking maps, information on the
2006 SoC Summer School at Keele University, an Bursary application form for
the Summer School and more...

I hope you enjoy reading our Newsletter and that it inspires you to get
involved with SoC activities, especially the Summer School which promises to
be a great event.

Gary Haley
Newsletter Editor
Society of Cartographers
T: 0191 441 1172
E: newsletter at soc.org.uk

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