[OSM-talk] New version of osmeditor2 available

nick at hogweed.org nick at hogweed.org
Tue Mar 28 21:13:05 BST 2006

Hello everyone,

Would like to announce the latest version of osmeditor2, the OpenStreetMap 
editor with something of a slant towards countryside surveying  (though I've 
used it for  urban data too....) and direct communication with the GPS.

Main features of the new version:

* Uses 0.3 API
* Way creation support. Note that you can only create ways at the moment; you 
cannot yet delete or modify existing ways. These features will be in a future 
version though.
* Will save and load GPX as well as OSM 0.3 format. Note that only trackpoints 
and waypoints are read from the GPX; everything else is ignored.
* Can change the serial port from within the application.
* Segment splitting. You can select a segment, then click on a point halfway 
along; this will insert a node into the segment and split the original 
segment into two. This is useful if you want to join a new street to an 
existing segment midway along.
* Probably some other stuff too.


Does not handle error conditions on the server as well as it might. 
Needs a more comprehensive user manual.

Will probably work more on Freemap in the next week or two, particularly the 
issue of caching, so (aside from quick bugfixes) that will probably be it for 
a while but if I get enough of a feature wishlist, I will see what I can do.

Get it from the subversion archive.


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