Ben Gimpert ben at somethingmodern.com
Thu Mar 30 12:00:55 BST 2006

Hi Imi,

I think your points are completely valid and are the general foundation
of OSS development.  My thinking in suggestion an auction-ish model was
just to get some harsh, nasty, kapitalist incentive for people to do the
"unsexy" work.  Like you've been doing on the applet lately... Wait a
sec, that's making your point!  ;)


On Thu, Mar 30, 2006 at 12:10:38PM +0200, immanuel.scholz at gmx.de wrote:
> Hi,
> >   ideally in the manner of an auction, initially with most of the
> >   auctions being Trac bugfixes probably won by Steve and Mikel and Imi.
> >   Development pay should be on a "contract" basis, with the foundation
> >   being the final authority on determining when a contract is
> >   "finished."
> Well, I don't like beeing paid for free-time stuff.
> - This is mainly because I am already beeing paid to do my job at work and I 
> tend to hate the code I am beeing paid after some month.. ;-).
> - Beside of this, I like the contract "You get it for free so you have to take 
> what you get", since this puts me out of any claiming demands. If user pay 
> for features, they have a right to get something back. Even if not spoken 
> loudly, this is a present unwritten contract that comes with such a model.
> - Third thing is, that I just dislike the environment between coders that such 
> a paying system creates. I really don't want to presume anything to anyone 
> here, but I have seen how such models can slowly erode relationships, 
> especally if prices start to grow and some coders start to depend on the 
> donations.
> - Last but not least, this tends to produce coders that won't do anything 
> without a bug report with some money on it. Again, I don't want to presume 
> any of you, but this is an effect I observed and found out to be very 
> annoying.
> Of course, this attitude would make me a grinch in a world where other coders 
> take donations for the jobs, while I do it for free. ;-)
> Ciao, Imi.
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