immanuel.scholz at gmx.de immanuel.scholz at gmx.de
Thu Mar 30 11:10:38 BST 2006


>   ideally in the manner of an auction, initially with most of the
>   auctions being Trac bugfixes probably won by Steve and Mikel and Imi.
>   Development pay should be on a "contract" basis, with the foundation
>   being the final authority on determining when a contract is
>   "finished."

Well, I don't like beeing paid for free-time stuff.

- This is mainly because I am already beeing paid to do my job at work and I 
tend to hate the code I am beeing paid after some month.. ;-).
- Beside of this, I like the contract "You get it for free so you have to take 
what you get", since this puts me out of any claiming demands. If user pay 
for features, they have a right to get something back. Even if not spoken 
loudly, this is a present unwritten contract that comes with such a model.
- Third thing is, that I just dislike the environment between coders that such 
a paying system creates. I really don't want to presume anything to anyone 
here, but I have seen how such models can slowly erode relationships, 
especally if prices start to grow and some coders start to depend on the 
- Last but not least, this tends to produce coders that won't do anything 
without a bug report with some money on it. Again, I don't want to presume 
any of you, but this is an effect I observed and found out to be very 

Of course, this attitude would make me a grinch in a world where other coders 
take donations for the jobs, while I do it for free. ;-)

Ciao, Imi.

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