[OSM-talk] Laser scanning

Tom Carden tom at tom-carden.co.uk
Fri Mar 31 11:39:08 BST 2006

On 3/31/06, Andy Robinson <Andy_J_Robinson at blueyonder.co.uk> wrote:
> Anyone else interested in this field?

Yes.  Steve, Ben and I have a friend at UCL who uses these
technologies for scanning film sets and locations, and obviously a
background in VR gives us some familiarity with this stuff.

I think that yes, it is related to OpenStreetMap, but only
tangentially. I would love to see people who are collecting this kind
of data, especially for things like films, open up the data sets once
they are done with them.  A repository for Free laser scan data of
buildings and locations would be great - for example for enriching
Google Earth type software.  The detail in Peter Jackson's 1930s New
York model for King Kong was stunning... but what use is that model to
anybody now, locked up at Weta Digital?  None!

That said, it's a pretty tenuous link to OSM, jumping from "good
enough" 5m (at best) accuracy and a "master map is overkill" (aka "we
don't care about the outline of your bay windows") attitude to
thinking about sub-millimetre tools and capturing whole environments
in 3D is quite a leap!

As for scanners on trucks, Google are into this in a big way (much
sponsorship of Stanford graphics department projects) and obviously
there's Amazon's A9 local search thing which offers street level views
of every building.

Food for thought indeed, but if I'm honest not really tying in very
well with OSM as it stands.



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