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Adam Judson adamsplugins at gmail.com
Sat Mar 25 14:05:46 GMT 2006

The problem with flickr is not searching by multiple tags, this is
well supported by the API.  The problem is searching by partial tags

e.g. I want to find everything tagged with geo:long=-1.5 ->
geo:long-1.0, I have to search on every value in between.

There are (at least) two solutions to this.
- the geobloggers solution i.e. crawl flickr and build your own
database that does support partial matching
- the photomap solution i.e. add a lot more tags: e.g.

Even if you chose not to use photomap I'd encourage you to consider adding:

-  some sort of tag to help build a hierarchy of places.  E.g. dirt
roads v.s. intersections v.s. landmarks etc.   This will probably be
much easier to do as you walk the island rather than later.  My
approach with PhotoMap was to use a number (pmType:01 etc.) as using
descriptive words didn't translate well across different types of
locations (urban/rural/tropical island).  Also I tagged to make the
search easier e.g. type 3 is tagged 1 and 2 and 3

- point of view i.e. which way the camera was facing

The PhotoMap source is open, and available from the home page.  If you
have questions let me know.


- PhotoMap is still in its early days, and I'm always looking for
feedback.  Also I,m not opposed to making some changes...

On 25/03/06, Mikel Maron <mikel_maron at yahoo.com> wrote:
> We should choose a flickr/delicious/whatever tag specificially for the workshop. IOWOSM? Flickr doesn't make it easy to grab photos from multiple tags, so there's the combo in one completely unused 6 letter sequence. Also useful will be "IsleOfWight", "IoW", "OSM", "OpenStreetMap".
> I'm interested in complete flickr mapping of all IoW photos, however infringing, but seperate from the OSM database. I'd think we only need to be careful when it comes to using those photos for street signs, etc.
> With geobloggers offline, we'll need to whip up some flickr aggregation ourselves (assuming flickr doesn't release an api or georss feeds before then -- which could be way way cool). I have some scripts to get at geotagged photos, with tripletags or exif. Maybe we can ask Dan Catt for a download of the geobloggers archive for IoW.
> http://worldkit.org/flickr/
> http://worldkit.org/flickr/photos/mikel_maron/tags/sevensisters/&exif
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> Subject: [OSM-talk] Re: Isle of Wight and PhotoMap
> Oh, it looks like PhotoMap derives its locations from the current location
> on a Google Map?  Unfortunately we've ruled out that approach at
> OpenStreetMap because it leaves our dataset vulnerable to being accused of
> copyright infringement.
> On the Isle of Wight I'll certainly be encouraging people to geotag photos
> on Flickr, but using GPS coordinates they've collected themselves. If your
> extension can make use of that then great, otherwise sorry but it doesn't
> tie in very well with OpenStreetMap at the moment :(
> Best,
> Tom.
> > Thanks Adam, I'll check it out.
> >
> > CCed to OpenStreetMap folks so that they can evaluate it too.
> >
> > Tom.
> >
> >
> >> Tom,
> >>    I saw your comment on the geobloggers site, and rather than spam
> >> there, I thought I send you a note.
> >>
> >> You might want to check out my firefox extension
> >> (photomap.mozdev.org).  It would be cool if you team could add
> >> pictures of the Isle of Wight to the map I'm trying to build.
> >>
> >> Thanks,
> >> Adam
> >>
> >
> >
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