[OSM-talk] Way/segment naming and other things

Simon Hewison simon at zymurgy.org
Sun May 7 22:33:14 BST 2006

Dean Earley wrote:
> I was looking to add/update data for the Hedge End (Hampshire, UK) area 
> and came across several named segments. Should I reset these to blank 
> when I join them all up in a Way and name them?

No point in stating the same thing twice, so, yes. get rid of the name 
on the segment, unless for some bizarre reason it has a name that is 
different to the rest of the way it's part of.

> Also, how do we handle road names AND road numbers?
> So far, I've just used "Saint Johns Road (B3033)"

Use more than one key/value pair on the way. I'd use:
name=Saint Johns Road

> Also, can a Way safely join the middle of another Way?

Yes, and can overlap and a segment can be part of another way as well.

Simon Hewison

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