[OSM-talk] Questions from a newbie on editing

SteveC steve at asklater.com
Fri May 12 09:50:01 BST 2006

* @ 02/05/06 12:33:57 PM lorp at lorp.org wrote:

Hmm, the list server's clock is doing something funny.

> Is the advice on the OSM site out-of-date that newbies should use the 
> online applet?
> I've been trying for quite a while to do some editing based on a long 
> cycle ride I did around Clifton yesterday, but have mostly failed so 
> far. I managed to add nodes, segments and ways for a couple of short 
> streets[1], but there are some buts...
> Specific problems:
> * It's painful waiting for reloads. This is especially a pain when 
> scrolling back to an area I've just been to - caching would be lovely to 
> say the least!
> * Most or all of the big trace I did yesterday (#3351, 1482 points) does 
> not show up. I zigzagged a lot around the residential streets, all of 
> which shows up when I load the GPX into JOSM.

Is your GPS doing curve fitting - taking more points on corners than
down street lines? If so, the join-up lines wont appear.

> * Zoom (] key) doesn't work beyond level 14, I have to edit the URL to 
> 15 or 16

Yeah, that was to stop it loading too much data. How was it, did it work

As for the rest of it... yes the applet needs work. I keep prodding Imi

have fun,

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