[OSM-talk] Server status

Robert Scott lists at riscott.ukfsn.org
Tue May 30 01:15:24 BST 2006

Is the database thoroughly #$&*ed today?

I can make changes to nodes & segments, but when I make changes to ways I 
eventually get a 500 Internal Server Error and when I try to redownload my 
data, it turns out the db isn't remembering any of my ways. I've lost quite a 
lot of work today through this.

In JOSM, it's giving me:

upload to: http://www.openstreetmap.org/api/0.3/way/0
got return: 200 with id 0

for every way I upload.

It was working fine until today, same JOSM version, so I can't see it being a 
JOSM bug.


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