[OSM-talk] Rutland - collecting POIs

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Tue Oct 10 11:21:46 BST 2006

This weekend is the Rutland mapping party. I hope the non-UK members  
of the list will excuse me sending a Rutland-related posting to the  
main list, as the general approach could be relevant to other mapping  
weekends. (Follow-ups could go to talk-midlands if it drifts off the  
general point.)

By the end of the weekend I hope we'll have all of Rutland's roads,  
plus a smattering of footpaths and cycleways. But as we're passing,  
should we try and mark a few Places of Interest, too?

Three that spring to mind are tourist locations; pubs; and churches.  
There are doubtless many more possibilities, but we won't have time to  
do everything, and concentrating on a couple will make it much more  
likely that we get consistent coverage. Rich data like this makes it  
easier for us to produce real-world maps that will be of interest to  
the great unwashed - I don't believe there is yet a Rutland pub map in  
existence, for example.

Mindful of David S's point that OSM shouldn't try to do everything,  
that some things are best left outside the OSM database and reserved  
for mashups, the POIs could be stored somewhere else if need be.

Would this approach find favour, and if so - given Rutland's  
predominantly rural character - what should we concentrate on?


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