[OSM-talk] The OSM Applet - let's ditch it for JOSM (was: Mapping Reading, some impressions)

Collinson Mike mike at ayeltd.biz
Wed Sep 6 02:33:06 BST 2006

At 02:34 AM 6/09/2006, Tom Chance wrote:
>But then people like my friend would be likely to load the web page 
>and add odd things like pubs, post boxes, etc. For example I'd love 
>to have an interactive map of "green Reading" a bit like the Green 
>Brighton site, based on OSM data, and allowing people to enter new venues.
>A web-based interface that helped people add small-scale data like 
>missing road names, amenities, etc. and all in a very intuitive 
>manner might be something to aim for?

All the current edit functionality is somewhat focused on adding 
linear features.  Would there be any demand for a "non-technical" 
HTML form-based interface where one could enter a single latitude and 
longitude, select "Pub" from a drop-down list, then be prompted to 
fill in any values appropriate to a a pub, like 'name' ? I'd be happy 
to contribute that in Perl.

Tom, how would your friend know/record where the pub is 
located?  Using a GPS device with a display and noting down the position?


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