[OSM-talk] Being Constructive, was: Topology

J.D. Schmidt jdsmobile at gmail.com
Tue Apr 24 14:38:00 BST 2007

Frederik Ramm skrev:
> J.D.,
>> Also, all the code for everything regarding OSM is in SVN. People are
>> able to put their actions where their mouths are.
> Oh well, nice of you to say that, I've just implemented a new data  
> model in the server, would everyone please update their renderers,  
> editors, and other applications...
> No, honestly: This much-iterated mantra works if you are making  
> small, incremental changes in relatively isolated areas. It works  
> best for individuals who sit down, close the door, don't communicate  
> at all, and the next morning, or the next weekend, come out with a  
> finished solution. It effectively cuts off, even ridicules, any  
> thinking about future technical development.
You took that sentence out of context and forgot to include the rest of 
the paragraph :

"Checkout the code, make the changes they want, then submit a diff for 
REVIEW AND POSSIBLE INCLUSION, instead of just shooting  of their 

(Emphasis added this time)

Read the above again. Back ? OK, please tell me, taking into account the 
complete paragraph as written in my previous post, how and where that 
cuts of thinking, planning and providing guidance about future technical 

The rest of your post, I don't disagree completely with. But I also 
don't agree completely with it. Will follow up on that later.

J.D. "Dutch"

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