[OSM-talk] Student project ideas?

Jason Reid osm at bowvalleytechnologies.com
Wed Aug 1 03:12:17 BST 2007

Richard Fairhurst wrote:
> Andy Allan wrote:
>> If this one comes to fruition, I'll have to hunt everyone down and ...
>> re-educate ... them! If I could scatter RFID tags across the face of
>> the planet and only unlock the ability to scribble over the aerial
>> imagery *after you've actually been there*, then I probably would.
> Consider me as your second-in-command for that!
> But I could be tempted by something that automatically traces water,  
> forests and other similar landuse...
> cheers
> Richard
We already have something that can trace water (lakes and rivers, and 
coastline also works pretty well) from landsat. Dshpak has a few tools 
he's built that we're using for parts of Canada to start mapping some of 
our million lakes, including one very nice iteration of the tool that 
allows you to mark the lakes in JOSM (with the help of wms/ymms) with a 
node, and then it reads the file and traces the lake the node is located 
in. He's waiting to get svn access so he can put it up for others to 
use, but a few of us Canadian mappers have got copies from him and tried 
it out. I believe it was also used to trace the coastline for Vancouver 
Island which worked pretty well.

And srw also has a river-tracer that has been used a bit for some rivers.

Jason Reid

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