[OSM-talk] Australian emergency telephones

Lachlan Rogers lachlan at rogers.name
Wed Aug 1 04:12:08 BST 2007

Along freeways in Australia (such as the Hume Highway), there are regularly
spaced emergency telephones.  I have uploaded a photo of such a phone
located along the M7 motorway in Sydney to

On the Australian talk list it was agreed that it would be useful to mark
these phones in OSM.  They are numbered, and so providing this information
on a map could help someone locate their position along the freeway.

A possible method for tagging these telephones would be

This would essentially make them a sub-case of public telephones.  We could
also create a new amenity value such as amenity=emergency_phone.

Does anyone have any other suggestions?  Which option do people like the
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