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Dermot McNally schrieb:
> Folks,
> I've managed to locate the PNG file and instructions for adjusting the
> ocean/land tiles. I do need one further tip, though. The README talks
> about pure land and sea tiles, which is fair enough. It also talks
> about coastline intersects. Is a tile that is otherwise a pure sea
> tile considered to have an intersecting coastline in cases where an
> island (or islands) is entirely contained within the tile?

if the island(s) are completely within the tile (no intersection with
the tileborder) at zoom 12 then you set it at either "ocean" or "coast",
if there are intersections you set it as "coast".

> Also, as I don't have SVN checkin rights, am I better to request those
> rights or to find a kind person prepared to check in my changes?

I can check in changes to the oceantiles_12.png and corresponding .dat

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