[OSM-talk] traffic signals at dual-carriageway and complicated intersections

Alex S. maps at swavely.com
Wed Aug 1 23:18:59 BST 2007

Here ya go - the intersection at Northgate Way and Lake City Way in Seattle:

Lake City Way runs north/south, and splits at this intersection from a 
single- to dual-carriageway.  This intersection carries a stoplight for 
Lake City Way.  113th St enters both from the east and the west, but you 
cannot cross from one side to the other.  It enters the intersection via 
stop signs.  Northgate Way has a stoplight in the northeastbound 
direction, but not in the southwestbound.

How would ya do that one?  ;)

Lachlan Rogers wrote:
> I think this is quite a good suggestion.  It would certainly work for 
> the case where two dual-carriage way roads intersect.  I wonder if there 
> are any more complicated situations, and if so I wonder how this 
> technique would look?

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