[OSM-talk] Foundation Elections - Challenge the Candidates

Nick Black nickblack1 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 2 17:35:00 BST 2007


According to:


there are six people up for election in the upcoming AGM, and only five places.

I haven't heard anything so far about the policies of the people
standing for election.  I'd like to know why I should vote for you?
What will you do for the Foundation?  What will you do for OSM?  What
are your policies towards, for example, licensing the data, the
structure of the Foundation - what do you think the Foundation should
do and what shouldn't it do.

What do you think the problems are with OSM/OSMF that electing you
will help solve?  How would you have dealt with any problems that you
have seen over the last 12 months differently?

Nick Black

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