[OSM-talk] Ireland United - A1 / N1 new road opened yesterday

Dermot McNally dermotm at gmail.com
Fri Aug 3 12:17:57 BST 2007

On 03/08/07, Andy Robinson <Andy_J_Robinson at blueyonder.co.uk> wrote:
> According to my civil engineering beano a new cross border road opened
> yesterday. At 14km long I hope it can make it into OSM soon? It runs from
> the AT at Newry to the N1 north of Dundalk.

Most of the scheme is already mapped as of about 2 months ago. If you
examine the area on the current map, you'll see the pre-opening state,
as follows:

* From end of RoI M1, road reverts to N1, High Quality Dual Carriageway.

* Some km north of this, northbound carriageway enters contraflow on
southbound carriageway. The map currently shows a return to 2-way
traffic at this point.

* The secondary road running to the east of the new scheme (so close
that it won't be obvious at some zoom levels) is the old N1. From my
observation of the works, it looks like some of this has been
obliterated. Some scheme maps recently published in the press also
make it appear as if some of it will be reinstated as cycle path.

* Where the N1 joins the old road can also be seen. During the works,
this is where traffic was dumped off the new alignment onto the old
road, so the new alignment north of this point is currently unmapped
(as is the northbound carriageway north of the contraflow start,
though this can be inferred relative to the southbound carriageway).
This is now the location of a grade-separated junction.

* I measured the location of the border itself pretty accurately, both
at the N1/A1 join and also on the unclassified road you can see
running just west of it. I believe I tagged the border nodes
themselves with a note, but on the main road you can tell it from the
way division as well. [aside: can anybody work out how to get
*accurate* info about the location of the border such that we could
get it on the map? It's troublesome, since it seems like you need to
do an entire country outline or nothing]

I will be in the area next Tuesday (or possibly sooner) and intend to
survey the new bits and correct the map. If anybody already has useful
trails I'd love to see them (I tend to ignore ones that simply
download to JOSM since I can't tell whether they reflect the new or
old reality).


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