[OSM-talk] Foundation Elections - Challenge the Candidates

Andy Robinson Andy_J_Robinson at blueyonder.co.uk
Fri Aug 3 14:29:01 BST 2007

Nick Black wrote:
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>Subject: [OSM-talk] Foundation Elections - Challenge the Candidates
>According to:
>there are six people up for election in the upcoming AGM, and only five
>I haven't heard anything so far about the policies of the people
>standing for election.  I'd like to know why I should vote for you?
>What will you do for the Foundation?  What will you do for OSM?  What
>are your policies towards, for example, licensing the data, the
>structure of the Foundation - what do you think the Foundation should
>do and what shouldn't it do.
>What do you think the problems are with OSM/OSMF that electing you
>will help solve?  How would you have dealt with any problems that you
>have seen over the last 12 months differently?
I'm Andy Robinson (aka Blackadder) and I'm standing as Secretary of the
OSMF. I've been an active contributor to OSM since September 2005 and
therefore have seen the OSM project grow beyond all recognition from its
early seeding days. Amongst other things I'm responsible for suggesting the
name "ways" and am the originator of the Map Features tagging scheme. I was
also one of the organisers for SOTM 07.

I'm standing for this role partly because its one of the positions that is
required of a UK registered company in compliance with the Companies Act of
1985. The company secretary of a private limited company does not have any
specific roles under the Act but as an officer of the company under section
744 of the Act I would be criminally liable for defaults committed by the
company. For example failure to file any change in the details of the
company's directors or secretary, or the company's annual return, in the
time required by the Act. It is therefore an important administrative
position. I have been a director of a UK private company in the past and
have an understanding and experience of the duties and obligations that

I have also been active as a volunteer on the management committee of a
major UK swimming club (Boldmere). I have recently stepped down from the
committee of that organisation although remain co-opted in a number of
roles. The reason for stepping down is to permit me to offer more time to
the management of the OSMF, something I was not able to do a year ago when I
was first asked if I would be interested in standing.

In my professional life I am a self employed professional civil engineer.
The self employed status helps enormously with the flexibility needed in
volunteering for duties that will arise within the management of the OSMF.

The other main reason I am standing is because I am passionate about the
OSMF as a guiding tool to help the OSM project reach all the heady aims it
may have in the future. The project's aims have been "encouraging the
growth, development and distribution of free geospatial data and to
providing geospatial data for anybody to use and share" and I shall continue
to champion those aims within the management of the OSMF as well as working
to facilitate the future wishes of the membership.

I'll be brining a cool head, management and project management experience
and a real passion for maps and geodata and I'm looking forward to the
opportunities and challenges that lie ahead in steering OSM on a sound path
for the enjoyment of the whole community.

Andy Robinson

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