[OSM-talk] Foundation Elections - Challenge the Candidates

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Fri Aug 3 10:15:30 BST 2007

Nick Black wrote:

> I haven't heard anything so far about the policies of the people
> standing for election.  I'd like to know why I should vote for you?
> What will you do for the Foundation?  What will you do for OSM?  What
> are your policies towards, for example, licensing the data, the
> structure of the Foundation - what do you think the Foundation should
> do and what shouldn't it do.

I'm standing for election to the OpenStreetMap Foundation committee so  
that I can help co-ordinate press and other media activity for the  

I was involved in arranging the full-page Guardian coverage for the  
Isle of Wight Mapping Party, and have scored local paper front pages  
for other charitable projects I've been involved in. As a full-time  
magazine editor I have an unhealthy knowledge of the workings of the  
press, printed and electronic, and would hope to facilitate local OSM  
communities to get better coverage for their work.

I don't believe that one person can cope with all the international  
publicity for the project and wouldn't seek to. Rather, I'd like to  
put in place the facilities, structures and principles that help  
others to deliver their own local publicity, ensuring that OSM is  
heard about and talked about all over the world.

As for my policies on licensing and the like? Well, though I have many  
opinions on things technical, practical and legal to do with OSM, I  
strongly hold the belief that the Foundation exists to support, not  
control, the project. I would therefore seek only to ensure that  
Foundation decisions were founded on good practice and strong  
evidence, rather than that they followed my own particular views.


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