[OSM-talk] doh

graham graham at theseamans.net
Sat Aug 4 18:28:12 BST 2007

The following is entirely due to me being an idiot. However, in my 
experience where there's one there are generally others so I'll pass 
this on just in case anything after point 1 is useful for next week..

1. When the 3rd Anniversary party page said  'on Saturday', it didn't 
mean <em>this</em> Saturday (I've changed the page).

2. The page includes a map showing the location of the Multimap offices. 
This is not enough to find the entrance to the offices- take the address 
  and maybe phone number if you haven't been there before. The map seems 
to show multimap as being in the Abbey building, but it ain't (I think)

3. The people who work in nearby shops and offices on Saturdays are all 
part time, Saturday only people. They will not know where Multimap is 
(are?). Or where any nearby internet cafe is.

4. When trying to meet people in a pub near the Globe on a sunny day, 
make sure you know what they look like, or have agreed that one of them 
will be wearing a silly hat. There may be a thousand or so people 
milling   around outside.

5. When meeting people at a pub have at least an approximate idea of 
what time they might turn up.

6. When cycling a longish distance the first really hot day of the year, 
use sun cream.

That's about it


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