[OSM-talk] Image on the main page

Ben Robbins ben_robbins_ at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 5 13:56:13 BST 2007

>On 8/5/07, Frederik Ramm <frederik at remote.org> wrote:
 >> Hi Ben,
 >> > I just checked the wiki for the first time in a bit, and there appears
 >> to be
 >> > a 'Lolcat' image on the main page.  I'll be blunt; It looks terrible,
 >> its
 >> > tacky and geeky, and I'm not shore about others but when I see things
 >> like
 >> > that on the net, I tend to close the page.
 >> You have to respect the different age groups working on this project ;)

>Ironically, Ben is probably one of the younger contributors to the project.

>We should, however, respect the fact that people from a lot of different
>cultural backgrounds contribute to OSM.

>Anyway, it's a wiki, why not remove it and start an edit war ;)

>(And be grateful not to have Mangas on the start page.)

The reason I didn't remove it is becuase,
1) the layout of the mainpage then looks lopsided, and I don't really know 
how to sort that
2) becuase I just didn't get what it was, I was wondering if there was an 
explination or justification for it being there.

There are people from many backgrounds, but there is common ground on what 
looks neat, tidy, and acceptable.  There are people on this net who like the 
strangest and most disturbing of things, and I don't think thats 
justification for everyone having to see it!

I shall remove the box, to make the point.  Ideally it'll return but in a 
nicer form, which just credits peoples programming contributions.

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