[OSM-talk] Two experimental map services

Chris Fleming me at chrisfleming.org
Mon Aug 6 17:23:40 BST 2007

Frederik Ramm wrote:
> Hi,
>> If you look at:
>> http://geo.topf.org/comparison/index.html?mt0=googlemap&mt1=mapnik&lon=-3.3825123&lat=55.9865717&z=16 
>>  Then you should be able to find 4 errors on the google maps side :)
> 1. Rosebery vs. Roseberry
This may be an error on OSM side.... I'll go and check tomorrow....

> 2. Roundabout vs. no roundabout
> 3. Asburnham Gdns connected to Asburnham Loan vs. not connected
> 4. Forth Terrace vs. Forth Park
> 5. "Leg" on Forth Terrace
> 6. "Leg" on Lawson Crescent connecting to Whitehead Grove
This bit isn't quite finished yet on the OSM side, but it is missing on 
Google Maps....
> 7. Shape of Station View
> 8. Railway line below vs. East of Asburnham Loan
> Doh! Taht's a lot. Is Google really wrong on all counts?
Well nearly....


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