[OSM-talk] Few questions on highway=track

Andy Robinson Andy_J_Robinson at blueyonder.co.uk
Mon Aug 6 23:33:33 BST 2007

Rik, Assume everything you see on the Map Features page of the wiki is in
use. The Proposed features page is a place where users throw up suggestions
for new tags, although anyone is free to use whatever tags they wish and if
a proposed feature looks like it fits your purpose go ahead and use it.

As for your track question you have spotted one of the limitations of the
current tagging method for highways in that the highway type does not
reflect the permissions for use.

At the moment "track" is generally used for an unpaved route that is
accessible by motor vehicle (but not necessarily a car).

You have some specific types you wish to tag a little differently and that's
fine. If you don't think one of the existing well used tags fits your
purpose then tag it with highway=landweg, highway=karrespoor,
highway=klinkerweg or whatever, put if you do it's a good idea to give an
explanation of these somewhere on the wiki so that additional tags can be
added in the future where necessary.



Andy Robinson
Andy_J_Robinson at blueyonder.co.uk
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>I have done a lot of reading these last few weeks in the wiki. But the
>whole osm-tagging schema and the difference between 'approved' and
>'proposed' map_features is puzzling me so much that I even can't get
>myself to ask general questions about it. So that's why I am free to ask
>a few specialised questions on one of the highway-keys, maybe your
>answers helps me to get a more general understanding on the schemas and
>My questions are about highway=track
>1. Is this an 'approved' or a 'proposed' map_feature ? It appears in the
>map_features but without an approved icon next to it, but I can't find
>it in proposed map_features page. But still there are approved
>'tracktypes' ??
>2. Where can I find a proper description/definition of highway=track ?
>What are the default access-tags with this map_feature ? In NL people
>use this map_feature to tag unpaved roads with a general way of right.
>As far as I know tracks in UK it's mainly about agricultural roads
>without a general way of right, but partly permissive access for slower
>3. In NL we have a lot of unpaved roads in wood and nature reserves
>without general way of right and permissive access to slow traffic. Can
>we use highway=track for this ? Or should we use highway=unclassified ?
>4. This weekend out of the blue highway=unsurfaced popped up in the
>map_features. No proposal, no discussion, no nothing. Is this the
>regular way in osm ? If the answer is yes: am I free to remove
>non-approved, or at least non-proposed keys out of the map_features ? If
>the answer is no: am I free to  place new highways in the map_features
>without proper proposal, I would love to have
>highway=landweg,highway=karrespoor,highway=klinkerweg. I am sure you
>have 'karrespoor' in the rest of the world also, but I don't see any
>point in explaining you what it is ;)
>Thanks for helping me on, Rik
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