[OSM-talk] Soccer or football?

Darryl Shpak darryl at shpak.ca
Tue Aug 7 00:09:48 BST 2007

Hey all,

I noticed that Map_features currently defines both sport=football and 
sport=soccer. Since, in general, the map tags reflect British usage, 
this rather confuses me.

What's the general opinion on sport=football? Does it denote a place to 
play the game that's called football in England (known as soccer in 
North America), or the game that's called football in North America? 
Given the existence of sport=soccer, I'm leaning towards the interpretation:
    sport=soccer: A field for playing the game with two teams kicking a 
round, black-and-white ball (Association football)
    sport=football: A field for playing the game with two teams carrying 
and throwing (and occasionally kicking) a brown oblong ball (American 
football and Canadian football)

I'm assuming there's no confusion with "rugby football", which would be 
sport=rugby. I don't know where Australian football or Gaelic football 
would fit in.

Opinions? I'd like to add clarification to the wiki, but first I'd like 
to know how other people are using the tag sport=football.

- Darryl (Dshpak)

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