[OSM-talk] Few questions on highway=track

Cameron Patrick cameron at patrick.wattle.id.au
Tue Aug 7 09:32:16 BST 2007

Jon Bright wrote:

> I've been playing around with routing using the osm data.  Speaking from 
> that perspective, I think I'd prefer:
>   - highway=unclassified; surface=unpaved if it's passable by car
>   - highway=track; if it's not (or only by suitably built cars)

Hmm.  Sounds handy.  The difference between the two can often vary
seasonally (e.g. tropical areas with heavy rain in the wet season) or
just a road that only occasionally sees a grader, but a broad
"conventional car route" vs "4WD route" is probably about as much detail
as you'd want to put into OSM.

Once again, I have to wonder whether this'd be better for yet another
surface= value, as e.g. Gunbarrel Highway or the Canning Stock Route in
outback Australia traverse a large oportion of the continent.  Though I
suppose it'd also be feasible just to render highway=track at low zoom


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