[OSM-talk] Few questions on highway=track

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Aug 7 10:32:48 BST 2007


> It's been in use, and rendered by mapnik, for many, many months.

Depends on what people want the Map Features page to be... I have  
amended the page with a comment saying that there are tags which are  
used hundreds of times (> 500 for highway=unsurfaced) and still not  
on the page because nobody bothered to get them through "the process".

Mind you, it is very much ok to use tags that have not gone through  
"the process" - question is what people want the map features page to  
be: (a) a list of stuff that has gone through "the process", or (b) a  
list of tags being used.

I'd suggest to EITHER put highway=unsurfaced back with a note that it  
is deprecated in favour of highway=something, surface=unpaved (?) OR  
replace the 500+ occurrences of highway=unsurfaced that are in the  
database by a matching highway/surface combination. (I can do that  
automatically if there's consensus on what to use as a replacement.)

BTW, I have just removed the "approced" icons from the Map Features  
page. I found them misleading and if anyone thinks that we need three  
classes of features (on Map Features and approved, on Map Features  
and not approved, not on Map Features) I'd like them to make the case  
for that on this list.


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