[OSM-talk] highway=restarea?

Jon Bright jon at siliconcircus.com
Thu Aug 9 07:45:34 BST 2007


In Germany, there are attached to motorways service areas, with 
fuelling, something to eat, etc.  There are also frequent rest areas, 
which definitely have parking spaces, frequently (but by no means 
always) have a toilet and wooden tables and sometimes have a small cafe. 
These rest areas aren't strictly comparable with a "proper" service area.

Looking at mapping features, there doesn't yet seem to be a suitable tag 
for these areas.  highway=services might mislead people into believing 
they can use a toilet or obtain fuel.  highway=motorway_link doesn't 
seem right.  Two possibilities occur to me:

  - Use highway=services, define the services available more 
specifically (so highway=services is just a classification, it doesn't 
automatically imply amenity=fuel)

  - Use highway=unclassified or highway=motorway_link and add 
amenity=parking;toilets;cafe as appropriate

Did I miss something?  Are there alternative suggestions?

Jon Bright
Silicon Circus Ltd.

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