[OSM-talk] highway=restarea?

Cameron Patrick cameron at patrick.wattle.id.au
Thu Aug 9 08:37:21 BST 2007

Jon Bright wrote:

> In Germany, there are attached to motorways service areas, with 
> fuelling, something to eat, etc.

Similar deal in Australian country highways - typically known as
'roadhouses' and found every few hundred kilometres in areas where it's
more than a single tank of fuel between towns; they sell fuel, food,
have payphones, often provide accomodation, often tow trucks, and are in
contact with the nearest doctors and mechanics.  Others are found just
outside towns in areas where highways bypass towns.  I've tagged them as
highway=town so that they show up on the map at lower zoom level, but
this isn't really ideal :-) (From what I can tell, mapnik doesn't render
highway=service at all.)

e.g. http://www.openstreetmap.org/?lat=-32.272021103540695&lon=124.8802714369976&zoom=9&layers=B0T

It's possible that roadhouses like this should be tagged and rendered
separately from service areas in more densely populated areas which are
more like service stations found in a town.  AFAIK such things are not
unique to Australia either (wouldn't surprise me if somewhere like
Canada or remote areas of the USA have similar).

> There are also frequent rest areas, which definitely have parking
> spaces, frequently (but by no means always) have a toilet and wooden
> tables and sometimes have a small cafe.  These rest areas aren't
> strictly comparable with a "proper" service area.

Likewise here (although I don't think I've seen one with a cafe :-).


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