[OSM-talk] Contacting OSM editors

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Thu Aug 9 14:45:16 BST 2007


>> Whom would you address your message to?
> Dear OpenStreetMap Comrade
>  or
> Hello Dude, Mapping in My Area

No ;-) I meant, if you want OSM to broker the message, what are you  
going to tell OSM where it should send the message to?

I was asking because I didn't understand whether you were (a)  
proposing to release the numerical user ids where people haven't  
agreed to give out their username, or whehter you wanted to (b)  
create an interface where you could somehow say "please send this to  
the dude who changed way #1234 yesterday around 16:50", or whether  
you had a third thing in mind.


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