[OSM-talk] Bus stops

Chris Morley c.morley at dsl.pipex.com
Fri Aug 10 15:12:09 BST 2007

Jon Bright wrote:
>> Someone mentioned a short while back the idea of an 'offset' tag for
>> nodes which are in-line with a way, but the icons are meant to be beside
>> the way.  IMHO, this would be a better solution than making a
>> non-existent way for the purpose.  Perhaps even with a directional
>> indicator.
>> Examples:
>> highway=bus_stop, offset=right  (looking along the direction of the
>> segments)
>> highway=bus_stop, offset=left, direction=-1
>> highway=bus_stop, offset=both  (two stops that are directly across the
>> street from one another)

Since machine readable bus timetables commonly have routes defined by 
the stops they call at, I think it is essential that the bus stop node 
is part of the highway. The proposal above looks reasonable to me and is 
  similar (but snappier) to that previously proposed in 


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