[OSM-talk] Crossing ways

Cameron Patrick cameron at patrick.wattle.id.au
Sat Aug 11 17:24:25 BST 2007

Mike Collinson wrote:

> Assuming the real physical layout of the junction is simple (?), I
> personally just show the minor road connecting to a node on the
> nearest carriageway and carrying on to finish as a node on the second
> carriageway.  That would then render correctly but loses information
> about turn restrictions for future navigation/routing software.  There
> has been debate on this issue, but no consensus reached on a solution
> that I am aware of.

I'd like to see turn restriction information rendered on maps, too (e.g.
at z17, have crossed-out arrows at intersections or whatever).  This
would also mean representing them by some kind of tagging, rather than
trickery as shown in the screenshot.

Cameron (who likes maps and distrusts routing software)

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