[OSM-talk] OpenStreetMap Foundation - Election Result

Corey Burger corey.burger at gmail.com
Sun Aug 12 07:59:51 BST 2007

On 8/11/07, Etienne <treasurer at openstreetmap.org> wrote:
> I'll be minuting the AGM more formally sometime soon, but just in case
> anyone is in a state of suspense about the results, here they are:
> Etienne 25
> Blackadder 24
> Richard 25
> Corey Burger 7
> Michael Collinson 7
> Mikel Maron 24
> Ray Booysen withdrew from the election.
> There was a tie for 5th place.  After some discussion Etienne proposed,
> seconded by Steve Coast, that the number of board places be expanded to 7.
> The result being that the composition of the OSMF board is now as follows:
> Steve Coast - Chairman
> Andy Robinson  - Secretary
> Etienne Cherdlu - Treasurer
> Richard Fairhurst - Member at Large
> Corey Burger - Member at Large
> Michael Collinson - Member at Large
> Mikel Maron - Member at Large
>  We expect that the members at large will be assigned more specific roles as
> soon as we have our first meeting and work out who's good at what etc.
> Welcome and congratulations to our new board members.
> Etienne

Congratulations to all the new elected members Andy, Richard, Michael
and Mikel and the returning Etienne. I want to also thank outgoing
secretary Imi for good work. Lastly, I will  thank those that ran the
election, Knut, Imi and User:Randomjunk (your real name was not
apparent with 5 minutes of looking).

Sorry for short note, but I am packing for a trip to South Africa and
thus will only be intermittantly avaiable over the next 4 weeks. If
any South African users want to meet up (I am primarily going to be in
the Cape area), please drop me an email.



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