[OSM-talk] OpenStreetMap Foundation - Election Result

Etienne treasurer at openstreetmap.org
Sun Aug 12 07:39:53 BST 2007

I'll be minuting the AGM more formally sometime soon, but just in case
anyone is in a state of suspense about the results, here they are:

Etienne 25
Blackadder 24
Richard 25
Corey Burger 7
Michael Collinson 7
Mikel Maron 24
Ray Booysen withdrew from the election.

There was a tie for 5th place.  After some discussion Etienne proposed,
seconded by Steve Coast, that the number of board places be expanded to 7.
The result being that the composition of the OSMF board is now as follows:

Steve Coast - Chairman
Andy Robinson  - Secretary
Etienne Cherdlu - Treasurer
Richard Fairhurst - Member at Large
Corey Burger - Member at Large
Michael Collinson - Member at Large
Mikel Maron - Member at Large

We expect that the members at large will be assigned more specific roles as
soon as we have our first meeting and work out who's good at what etc.

Welcome and congratulations to our new board members.

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