[OSM-talk] Notebook scans

OJW streetmap at blibbleblobble.co.uk
Sun Aug 12 17:48:05 BST 2007

The reason I ask about notebooks, is that maybe we want to store this
information somewhere

(a) As evidence that you've visited the area and written down streetnames, in
case there's a question about data-sources

(b) For going back and checking areas against your original notes, or
recreating areas if the name tags get somehow lost in OSM data

(c) For giving your notes to someone else, and letting them enter the data
into OSM

So I tried putting together a little application:


where you can upload* photos of each page, and tag them to sat what waypoints
are shown on each page.   It takes a GPX file to correlate those numbers with
actual locations (so one GPX file full of waypoints, and a bunch of notes
referring to that waypoint file, form a "set")

* assuming FTP accounts created by an admin ;)

One neat feature that comes out, is that you can view your waypoints in
 google earth (or any other KML viewer, hopefully one which supports OSM
 maps...?) and click on a waypoint to see your original notes as an image.

Of course, this could be expanded to store voice recordings or photos etc. if
people think it's useful.  JOSM already does a similar thing with photos,
although we don't have any central storage for them (or standard way to say
that a set of photos corresponds to some GPX file).




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