[OSM-talk] Survey: notebooks

Jason Reid osm at bowvalleytechnologies.com
Mon Aug 13 03:58:25 BST 2007

OJW wrote:
> How many people here use paper notebooks to record street names and such like? 
> (i.e. pages full of "waypoint 153 = Hewson Road, 154 = pub: Vine Inn...") 
I've been playing with recording directly to my MP3 player/recorder, it 
works pretty well as a lot of the time that I am out I am driving. If 
I'm on foot usually use a small digital camera, found a very cheap 
(read: $10 CAD) keychain camera that works not too badly except for its 
time synchronization is pretty bad. I used a notebook once or twice, it 
generally its a lot of hassle and like others have mentioned, can be a 
bit of a challenge to decipher at the end of the day.

-Jason Reid

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