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Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Mon Aug 13 11:36:44 BST 2007

Tom Hughes wrote:
>>>>> That is, to be completely frank, a ludicrous proposal. Tagging something
>>>>> explicitly based on the colour of the signs is just ridiculous.
>>>> I'm pretty sure that's what most of us are doing, or rather we are
>>>> using the signs as ground-based evidence of what kind of road they
>>>> are.
>>> That was my point really - using the sign colour as evidence of the
>>> highway type to dictate the value of the highway tag is good. Recording
>>> the sign colour as information in it's own right with a signage=green
>>> tag is silly.
>>> In other words, it isn't the sign colour you should be recording, it's 
>>> whether road is a primary A road or not. The sign colour just happens
>>> to be one way of determining that.
>> In my crib sheet
>> Trunk = green
>> Primary = red
> That's how they normally render yes. What does that have to do with
> the discussion about how to decide what to tag as trunk/primary and
> whether or not to record the sign colour?

All *I* was saying is that *I* use Trunk for green 'A' roads and Primary for 
other 'A' roads. So the original LONG: statement is to my mind simply wrong.
A trunk road has green signs - a primary road does not? The fact that 
'de-trunking' orders do not also include the funds to replace road signage 
(http://www.opsi.gov.uk/si/si1991/Uksi_19912553_en_1.htm for instance) and 
that there are roads missing from the Highways agency list which have not yet 
been the subject of a 'de-trunking' order means that short of assessing the 
current legal status of every stretch of road, the colour of the signage IS 
the easiest way to define a road - and will then tell us which sort of signs 
we are looking for? Local councils do not have the funds to replace all the 
signs when the government dump a new road on them!

http://www.road-to-nowhere.co.uk/trunk.html seems to have the most current map 
of 'trunk roads', but this does not reflect the current state of signage. 
Although the signage on the A44 past Broadway is as a trunk road, but 
apparently it has never been one :( So do I switch it back to red, or leave it 
to match the sign colours?

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