[OSM-talk] buildings

Jon Bright jon at siliconcircus.com
Mon Aug 13 19:17:30 BST 2007


David Earl wrote:
> I think it is hard to get this right by sharing segments because they 
> invariably end up the wrong way, or someone changes them not realising; 
> and also it is hard to edit them later. Much better IMO to have separate 
> segments for everything.

I agree fully.  Also:

  - The JOSM validator whines about the segments being used twice*
  - It's considerably trickier to select one thing or the other in JOSM*
  - Say you're marking a forest at the side of a road - the forest 
doesn't begin exactly at the side of the line running through the middle 
of the road, it begins some metres away.
  - Sharing segments makes things more difficult if either of the 
sharers changes its position

The two (*) items could be considered bugs - but in the majority of 
cases where the validator warns, it's warning about a real problem.  It 
would be a shame to pollute this list of real problems with unnecessary 


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