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Tue Aug 14 08:11:34 BST 2007

On Mon, Aug 13, 2007 at 11:37:04AM -0500, Darryl Shpak wrote:
> Martijn van Oosterhout wrote:
> Is this considered a "good" way to create areas? I'm doing some landuse= 
> tagging, and the obvious borders tend to be things like roads and train 
> tracks. I've avoided using the existing segments to create the landuse= 
> ways, because the segments would not be pointing in consistent 
> directions...but if this is "ok", it would make my work easier, and I 
> think it would also make the data cleaner.
 I do it like this all the time. most of the time landuse areas etc border at roads or other linear fetaures. I reuse segments wherever possible (also if somebody moves a road a bit, the corresponding landuse gets moved with it, I'd consider that a feature).

Of course maplint complains like hell about the areas where arrows point in different directions. I ignore it here.

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