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yes, the current tags are a little sparse for high level routes. I'd suggest
thinking up logical tags to describe the physical representation on the
ground and tag accordingly. Drop the tags you find work for you onto the
proposed features page so that others can use them too. Add additional tags
for any administrative information (official/unofficial markers etc)



Andy Robinson
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>Hi there,
>currently Im trying to map the ways of a hiking tour I recently did in the
>Swiss Alpes. Unfortunately I can not currently use anything else than
>highway=footway for hiking trails. Unfortunately this is very insufficient
>in many ways!
>As far as alpine trails are concerned I would need at least 3-4 types of
>ways to describe what the official Swiss map of trails has and to make this
>useful for others. Probably somebody else will be able to translate this to
>a more correct english than I can.
>* hiking trail "Wanderweg"
>* mountain trails (hiking boots required) "Bergwanderwege"
>* trails without visible trail (with official markers) "Alpine Routen"
>* trails without visible trail (without official markers)
>I read the proposal at
>http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/index.php/Proposed_features/Trail which is
>talking about permission to use a trail only and not about who might be
>to use the trail.
>On Alpine routes this is IMO more important than permission (anybody has
>permission to use a hiking trail in most cases).
>Anyway, I think this could be extended to match what would
>be needed for hiking trails.
>BTW, cycleways have a very simular problem.
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