[OSM-talk] OSM progress

Dave Stubbs osm.list at randomjunk.co.uk
Tue Aug 14 13:02:51 BST 2007


A while back I was making weekly renderings of Greater London such
that you could see how OSM coverage progressed over time. I even made
a nice animated GIF. Unfortunately I had to stop when the amount of
data got too high. The last image I managed in April used 3GB of RAM,
resulted in a 200MB SVG file, and took close to 4 hours to generate.

So back to the drawing board on how to do this...

I'm now using Mapnik, and the planet.osm's:


The beauty of this is that I can render the whole world at the same time!
And the whole of OSM history only took 1 day to render.


PS. Obviously the "cartography" is geared towards showing coverage,
rather than being useful. Still, there are a few little niggles with
the style-sheet I need to fix, then go-again...

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