[OSM-talk] Notebook scans

tim chippy2005 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 14 19:14:34 BST 2007


I've some lovely scribbly hand smudged maps, I very much doubt they
would be of use to anyone, unless in the name of art / wriggly roads.

Unlike OJW, I don't usually map by the waypoint route, so it wouldn't
really be useful for other people to enter. And agree with spaetz with
the unreadability of the sketches now. They mainly serve to remind me
where I was the day before, when I was creating the tracks.

Yes, it could be good for the paranoia/legal reason, but it would be
impractical to ask everyone to do so as a matter of course - plus I
prefer to be motivated on things for positive reasons.

I was thinking of using Metacarta's Map Rectifier and scanned sketch
maps with the wmsplugin and JOSM to help map stuff, but, for me, a) I
don't have a scanner and b) my sketches are horribly out of scale and
warped in all sorts of strange ways!

- chippy

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