[OSM-talk] backpacker/hiking mapping week.

Nick Whitelegg Nick.Whitelegg at solent.ac.uk
Wed Aug 15 16:03:23 BST 2007

>I noticed that there are quite a few longdistance walkers hanging around
>at osm. I want to make a (week) hikingtrip the next month anywhere in
>Europe. On this tour I will map trails/tracks voor osm. I was wondering
>if there are any other hikers who like to organize a 'shared' tour. The
>basic idea is 'walking alone together'. We could walk parallel routes
>and organize regular meetings.


A couple of ideas:

Firstly, were you the guy who was interested in the Hampshire 'fill the 
gap' footpaths party (southern England) ? If so I still have that in mind 
possibly for the weekend of 21/22 Sep but need to check availablilty of a 
couple of other people.
It's lowland (no mountains) but quite hilly and nice countryside, and 
could achieve a continuous swathe of mapped footpaths across southern 
England over 50 miles or so. Not sure about camping though.

I did also have an idea for a Black Forest (Germany) party but it hasn't 
happened due to limited interest - time to resurrect that?


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