[OSM-talk] Hiking Trails

Alex Mauer hawke at hawkesnest.net
Wed Aug 15 20:41:07 BST 2007

Sven Geggus wrote:
> On Alpine routes this is IMO more important than permission (anybody has the
> permission to use a hiking trail in most cases).
> Anyway, I think this could be extended to match what would
> be needed for hiking trails.
> BTW, cycleways have a very simular problem.

Even roads have this problem, once you get down to the "track" level.

The (US) TIGER data has a designation for roads that "can" only be
traversed by 4-wheel drive vehicles (and typically only ones with high
ground-clearance at that). (of course, sometimes in reality you can
traverse these routes in a two-wheel-drive, low-clearance car)

OSM makes no such distinction, and highway=track seems to be intended
for a route which is much more accessible than that.  Even the "track
grading" system at the worst end of the scale doesn't have anything that

-Alex Mauer "hawke"

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