[OSM-talk] ORV Trails (was Re: Hiking Trails)

Alex S. maps at swavely.com
Thu Aug 16 21:39:58 BST 2007

Yes, and I do believe it would be useful to map ORV (Off Road Vehicle) 
trails in designated parks and private playgrounds in the US with some 
sort of difficulty grading system.

An example:

Alex Mauer wrote:
> The (US) TIGER data has a designation for roads that "can" only be
> traversed by 4-wheel drive vehicles (and typically only ones with high
> ground-clearance at that). (of course, sometimes in reality you can
> traverse these routes in a two-wheel-drive, low-clearance car)
> OSM makes no such distinction, and highway=track seems to be intended
> for a route which is much more accessible than that.  Even the "track
> grading" system at the worst end of the scale doesn't have anything that
> bad.

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